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Chen Yoshimura LLP handles intellectual property matters spanning a wide range of technical fields. All our attorneys have advanced technical degrees and/or industry experience. To best serve our clients, we keep a pulse on the industry and stay updated on the ever-changing technological landscape, industry demands, and venture capital and private equity funding trends. Our attorneys have experience handling the following technologies:

  • analog and digital circuits, including passive and active elements
  • semiconductor devices and fabrication, including integrated circuits,
  • thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT LCDs)
  • telecommunications, including optical networks, optical amplifiers/pumps and modules
  • optical devices and photonic devices
  • computer hardware and software
  • consumer electronics
  • materials and chemicals
  • analytical methods, including X-ray diffraction, TEM, SEM, and spectroscopy
  • lithium ion and alkaline battery technology
  • drug delivery materials, devices, and systems, including liposomes and other nanoparticles
  • Implantable ophthalmic devices and systems
  • bone regeneration materials and other bioprosthetic products
  • immunoassays and bioassays
  • biosensors and bioinformatics
  • gene cloning and expression, including genetically engineered organisms and peptides
  • small molecule and biologic compounds
  • nucleic acid and protein chemistry
  • mechanical devices including imaging equipment, diagnostic equipment, surgical equipment
  • vitamins and other health supplements
  • gene therapy and immunotherapy
  • alternative and renewable energy products and systems
  • Wireless and mobile technologies, communication standards including 3GPP(GSM/UMTS), 3GPP2(CDMA/CDMA2000), WiMAX/IEEE802.16 and LTE
  • Smart phone and multi-touch technologies, including display fabrication and software implementation
  • Supply chain and logistics